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 Strategic Brand, Marketing and Communications Specialists

Strategic brand, marketing and communications specialists


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We help our clients grow their revenue and reputation. We are analytic marketing and communications specialists who understand the nexus between strategy and purpose, and develop insights by analysing business data to create meaningful content.

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We are a purpose-driven and women-owned business. We apply our collective 43 years of strong technical knowledge and boardroom experience with business insights to the benefit of our clients across several

B-2-B industries.

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We provide a range of services to help our clients achieve their brand, marketing and communication objectives with measurable and impactful business results.

We believe that when passion meets purpose, beautiful things happen.

We help our clients grow their revenue and reputation. We are analytic marketing and communications specialists who understand the nexus between strategy and purpose, and develop insights by analysing business data to create meaningful content.

What's in a name?

Melagrana is a strategic Brand, Marketing and Communications specialist firm with extensive experience in business-to-business marketing and communications. We specialise in strategic conceptualisation, planning, management and delivery of end-to-end brand, marketing and communication programmes.

Founded by two purpose-driven women, who believe in the power of brand, we are passionate about helping our clients grow.

We help our clients experience what it means to take a strategic and practical approach to their brand and market activities, define their purpose and value proposition, and convert that into effective and impactful marketing and communications strategies, programmes and campaigns for measurable business results.

We are based in Gauteng, South Africa, but work internationally. We are part of several virtual networks that enable us to team with specialists to solve problems for clients around the world.

Our name Melagrana is symbolic of the vitality, freshness and abundance of ideas and energy we apply to all our clients’ challenges.

Managing partners Stamatia Zabotto and Ilse Blank  co-founded Melagrana with the purpose of sharing their collective 43 years of global and African brand, marketing and communications experience across several B-2-B industries to make a positive difference, not only for their clients, but also on the economies in which their clients operate.

melagrana (noun) – Italian for “pomegranate”


The name "pomegranate" derives from the Latin malum ("apple") and granatum ("seeded").


The pomegranate is thought to have originated in South Asia and has been cultivated in the regions of the Caucasus since time immemorial. The fruit was present from prehistoric times in the Mediterranean and was spread by the Phoenicians, the Greeks and later by the Arabs and Africans across the world. It was introduced to Latin America by in the 1800s and is now widely grown in Mexico and in the United States.


Stamatia Zabotto

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Stamatia Zabotto’s passion for brands and their direct impact on business success has been the driver of her 18-year career.

The majority of her extensive B-2-B marketing, brand and communications experience was earned in her marketing leadership roles in one of the largest global professional services firms.

Her financial and business acumen combined with her strategic approach to brand management and development, has seen Stamatia work closely with C-Suite executives across various industries, ensuring return on investment and ongoing improvement of both strategic and tactical marketing campaign delivery.

Ilse Blank

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Ilse Blank is a seasoned global marketing and communications executive, known as a strong strategic thinker who converts ideas into meaningful communication with measurable results.

Most of Ilse’s 25 years of experience has focused on developing and delivering fully integrated B-2-B marketing and communications strategies and solutions across a range of sectors in African and other global markets.

Ilse’s broad and deep experience at two of the Big Four global professional services firms has seen her serving as a trusted advisor to C-Suite business leaders over the past 17 years.


Melagrana specialises in strategic conceptualisation, planning, management and delivery of end-to-end brand, marketing and communication programmes and campaigns.

When working with Melagrana you will experience our passion for the development and growth of brands using impactful marketing and communications strategies to realise the value and purpose of brands.

Because when passion and purpose meet, beautiful things happen.

Is your company facing any of these challenges?

  • Brand erosion or loss of market share?
  • Insufficient brand differentiation against competitors?
  • Growth through new alliances and acquisitions?
  • New competitors?
  • Entry into new markets or sectors?
  • Change in customer buying behaviour?
  • Need a brand refresh or repositioning?
  • Not sure how to leverage the power of digital to grow your brand?
  • Dealing with the complexities of change management?
  • Not sure what your customers feel about your brand?
  • Struggling to own key issues to promote your brand position?
  • Not finding the time to write or conduct market research? Not sure what to say or how to say it?
  • Need a culture change across the business?
  • Reactive stakeholder engagement?
  • Ineffective stakeholder reporting and communication?
  • Need to rewrite your website and marketing materials?
  • Leadership communications lacks credibility?
  • Disengaged employees?
  • Customer events and experiences not different or memorable?
  • Capacity constraints in marketing and communications team delaying projects?
  • Insufficient resources to manage complex research, marketing and communications projects?


We help you connect your business strategy and purpose to your brand, marketing and communications strategies for measurable business results.


We help you take a strategic approach to your corporate messaging and content strategy across all channels to positively engage with and influence your stakeholders.


We help you navigate the digital and social media world to achieve purpose-driven results for your brand and reputation.

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We help you develop bespoke content designed to influence and engage your stakeholders to differentiate your brand and achieve business success.


We help you create connections and build relationships through experiential events, conferences, round tables and meetings.


We help you bridge capacity constraints by offering fully integrated implementation of plans and campaigns.


We help you navigate the complexities of implementing change to achieve purpose-driven results and positively position your brand and reputation.


We help you connect with your key stakeholders, buyers and influencers in a meaningful way to achieve purpose-driven results.


We help you get things done by providing the full scope of project management skills to achieve purpose-led results.

Would you like to have a discussion with Melagrana about how we can support you?

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Office: +27 (0)87 097 0218


Email: info@melagrana.co.za

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The first thing that will strike you when dealing with us at Melagrana is that we love what we do.  We are passionate about bringing to life the essence of our clients’ brands and working with them to purposefully tell their story to their markets and employees, and to be an integral part of their growth and success story.

If that’s not enough, here are some additional reasons to consider reaching out to us:

  • Small but technically strong and experienced team
  • Based in South Africa with a global mindset
  • Strong knowledge of Africa – and other emerging markets
  • 43 years of combined expertise
  • Strong experience in business communication and content creation
  • Extensive local and global business networks
  • Strong personal brands
  • Deep understanding of CXO and broader business issues
  • Access to subject matter experts and specialists
  • Experience with C-Suite and senior/middle management audiences
  • Highly personalised experience - relationships are key to our business
  • High standards of client service delivery
  • Agile and highly responsive
  • Accuracy and professionalism
  • Innovative and creative
  • Competitive pricing
  • 100% women owned


From time to time we enjoy sharing our perspectives on matters relating to brand, marketing and communications. We would love to hear from you and invite you to subscribe to our posts.

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